Blister Grafting


Blister Grafting


removing unwanted blisters

Vitiligo is a common skin disorder of our country. Many of the patients are refractory to medical treatment. Dermato-Surgery is very rewarding in these cases. Thus proper selection of technique will play a major role in achieving good therapeutic and end cosmetic results. Suction blister technique is convenient and cost effective, less time consuming, pure epidermal graft, excellent colour match, pigment spread from the graft to surrounding area- upto 46% and maximum pigmentation within 3-4 months happens without any scar.

Suction Blister Technique

The in vivo separation of epidermis from rest of the skin by production of a suction blister using 50 ml syringe as a vacuum creating device instead of the expensive and cumbersome vacuum devices as the time taken for the blister formation is the same.

The advantage in this method we needn't inject intradermal saline into the blisters as blisters formed are appropriate and chances of improper blisters are very rare.